Do You Understand How Powerful An Executive Order?

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Today nobody ever realizes how powerful an executive order is. So I’ll help you understand how powerful one can be. Today there are too many executive orders that it is hard to realize how powerful an executive order is, but there are some that stand out. Like executive order 9066, when president Roosevelt stated all Japanese people may be excluded from military areas.This shows that one document can take away a citizen's rights, and gives the president too much power. When the U.S. goes through times of emergency, like war, the president is given special powers to run the country. An example would be giving the president the power to manage the National Security or the Economy. After giving the president this much power in a case of an emergency, the president can create executive orders whenever it is needed. When America is going through hard times he would most likely create a more well known executive order, like executive order 9066 or Emancipation proclamation.…show more content…
Only the president has the power to create and sign an executive order. Executive orders can not be touched by the legislative branch or the judicial branch. Most people think executive orders are affected on everyone, but it only affects federal or state agencies and the people are indirectly affected. In the executive order 9066 president Roosevelt issued the military to exclude all Japanese people out of military areas not the people. Just looking at the executive orders that standout we now know how strong one executive order can become. This is why we need people to understand how powerful an executive order is. We need people to watch over the president’s executive orders and make sure it does not ruin the country. Because one day one executive order can ruin your
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