Dobson's Argument Analysis

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Dobson’s words can resonate with young and older Christians. The politically correct, liberals, or the Christian left may perceive his words to be ungracious and condemning; whereas, the word of God clearly dictates acts that are sinful and should not be tolerated (Galatians 5: 19-21). Dobson challenges Christians to stand up as Jesus did since truth by nature is intolerant of falsehood. If being intolerant means agreeing with condemning abhorrent behavior as God mandates in the scriptures (e.g., homosexuality, abortion, sexual perversion), then yes, it is okay to be intolerant. Tolerance is not encouraged in the Bible considering God is not tolerant; ergo, tolerance in itself is not loving, since tolerance denies justice (Kruger, 2013). True Christians are viewed as intolerant on account of standing in obedience to the directives and laws of Jehovah God. An example of being intolerant and loving in the same measure would be:…show more content…
For example, the Justice Department (DOJ) filed a law suit against North Carolina for discrimination against Transgenders (and North Carolina countersuing for over-reach) for standing to protect women and children by denying transgenders the right to enter girl’s restrooms (DOJ, 2016). Apparently, North Carolina is intolerant for denying transgenders rights that are privy to biological women and children; however, the DOJ believes they are tolerant for forcing this over-reach of the law on others. Religious Liberty is under attack by the present administration who is demonstrating zero tolerance for the rights of Christians and Jews. The question is, “Are we going to use our freedoms while we still have them constructively, or are we going to stand up and defend them to keep America, One Nation under
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