Doc Sharon Pollock Analysis

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The need for human contact and respect can complicate the struggle to take power over one’s own life. In the play “Doc” by Sharon Pollock, the theme that a happy family is built on communication relates to the power struggles faced by the characters. Ev continuously argues with his daughter Catherine and his wife Bob. He is a competitor in his home and at his job. Being a doctor, Ev helps to save lives. While he is kept fairly busy with helping the lives of his patients, he has forgotten about the lives of his family members. His constant arguing with Bob and Ev emphasize that he wants to be at the top and is the reason for their struggles for power. This neglect towards his family is what caused the death of Bob and his mother. The play opens…show more content…
Being a doctor, he was constantly working. He would go to work before his children woke up and would get home after they went to bed. Not being around Cathering through most of her childhood meant that there was very little communication between the two, resulting in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship. In act I when Catherine comes home to visit Ev, he isn’t pleased. He is angry that she rarely has time to visit him. “Bit of free time, drop in and see the old man, eh?” (1159). Katie tells her father that she is busy with work. “And that’s more important than your own father” (1159). Ev is being very hypocritical when he says this, as he was never around during Catherine’s childhood because of his job. “What family did you ever raise? You were never home from one day to the next so who are you to talk to me about family?” (1160). After Ev tells Catherine that she should be raising a family, she states that he was never around for their family. She is now showing her struggle for power when she tries to win over their argument. The theme that a happy family is built on communication really relates to Catherine and Ev’s relationship and emphasizes Catherine’s power struggles. She tries to bond with her father and build a good relationship but his constant insults and disrespect toward her make this impossible for Catherine to
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