Docetaxel Research Paper

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Docetaxel is an anti-mitotic chemotherapy medication that is used to treat breast, ovarian, lung cancer, docetaxel is given intravenously, docetaxel was first approved by the FDA IN 1996, 11 years ago docetaxel was approved again by the FDA on October 17th 2006, docetaxel binds to microtubules reversibly with high affinity. Docetaxel is well known under a brand name Taxotere, Docetaxel belong to a chemical called taxoid. Docetaxel promotes the formation of microtubules that do not function properly. Microtubules aid the replication of cells by disrupting this function and docetaxel inhibits cell replication. There is an active ingredient of 20mg and 80mg of taxotere.
Nowadays, most people do not experience any side effect, the side effects depend on how much dosage, these are side effects that has occurred on cancer patients over the year, side effects such as low white blood cell count, this can cause the increase of the risk of patient getting infection, docetaxel also cause low red blood cell count which is Anaemia, nausea, diarrhoea, hair loss, fatigue, infection, nail changes in colour (finger nails and toe nails).
Docetaxel is not to be taken when pregnant or breast feeding.

Structure of docetaxel

Docetaxel has a hydroxyl functional group on carbon 10, the carbon 10 functional group
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Another mechanism of action is the altering of expression and phosphorylation of member of the bcl-2 family of proteins, docetaxel associate with the phosphorylation and inactivation of bcl-2 protein, members of the bcl-2 family are highly conserved proteins which regulate apoptosis. Docetaxel can display a wide spectrum of anti-cancer activity in preclinical trials. The clinical trial has shown that docetaxel is effective against hormone refractory prostate
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