Doctor Accountability: Should Doctors Be Accountable?

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Doctor Accountability

Doctors have been around for a long time. Similar to the change in technology, doctor’s profession has changed over time in both, positive and negative approaches . However, what stands out in a doctor’s profession accountability taken . While many ways of preventing medical errors or even patient are available, sometimes nothing can be done. It was a medical mistake, should the doctor be accountable? The concept of medical errors and doctor accountability is usually asked about and will be further discussed. Countless protocols and hospital policies the doctors and other health professionals follow to help the patient heal and prevent any medical mistakes are present . In some cases, these protocols and policies are not followed like they are supposed to, causing patient harm. These errors are most of the time blamed on other healthcare professionals other than the doctor. Doctors should be accountable and responsible, especially if the doctor is not following protocols provided to him or her. With increase in medical errors, doctors should be more accountable, not only to not put blame on others, but to prevent future medical errors in patients.
According to Pauline’s article “ the surgeons skills” it has been known for 30 years : not all
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Another reason a doctor should be accountable is if he admits he has mistaken. The action of admitting the truth will bring justice to the patient who has been through harm . If the doctor caused further medical problems , he/she should be responsible for medical expenses or if the patient were to die he/she should be responsible for the funeral expenses. Paying and showing care will cause people to show more respect for the doctor . The doctor should stay close to the patient through his/ her problems according to “the last surgeon” . The character Dr. Nick empathy when his patient was going through withdrawal and also stayed close when his patient needed him showing real patient

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