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Mattie Stepanek, American poet, once said, “Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” When talking about doctors and patients, there needs to be wonderful things achieved: the solution to the patient’s ailment. But yet, there is little teamwork and collaboration in the process of finding a patient’s solution. Collaboration between the doctor and patient allows both the doctor and patient to solve the problem together, coming to a solution that uses both the doctor’s and patient’s skills, solves the issue effectively, and can help others in the future, giving it an advantage over when there is no collaboration. Collaboration between the doctor and patient allows the doctor and patient that integrates the skills of the doctor and patient. According to The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, while collaborating with Mr. MacGregor, Dr. Sacks tells him “[his spirit level] can be knocked out by Parkinson’s disease” (Sacks 73). And so, Mr. MacGregor “fiddled with various designs, all tested and modified by [him]” (Sacks 75). With Dr. Sacks’ knowledge on science and designs, put with Mr. MacGregor’s skill about mechanics and engineering, Dr. Sacks and Mr. MacGregor find a solution that efficiently implements both of their skills. This collaboration effectively…show more content…
Sacks] had several other patients with Parkinsonism who also suffered from impairment of tilting reactions and postural reflexes…soon a second patient, then a third, were wearing Mr. MacGregor’s spirit spectables” (Sacks 76). Not only does an collaboration help once between the patient and doctor, but numerous times. As demonstrated, the spirit spectacles made by Dr. Sacks and Mr. MacGregor has also been given to multiple patients with similar issues. As demonstrated, collaborations can last to help other patients, not only just that patient and

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