Doctor Baustus Essay: The Tragedy Of Doctor Faustus

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The Tragedy of Doctor Faustus is about a wise doctor falling from his high position trying to learn necromancy by selling his soul to Lucifer. During the tragedy, he second guesses himself a lot thinking about the joys he deprives himself, but is too scared to repent back to God fearing Lucifer’s wrath. Seeing his predicament, one can feel bad for Faustus and think Lucifer is the reason for the fall of the doctor. However, upon closer reading of the tragedy, it is clear that Faustus falls from his own character flaw. He acts impulsively, and is greedy for power and knowledge, while being too ashamed and cowardly to repent. A basic principle of Christianity is the one of repentance. If Faustus is willing to repent, then Christ would save him. Faustus clearly knows throughout the entire tragedy that he is committing sin after sin, but he just will not repent. While it may be that Mephostophilis is forcing him to continue the pact he made with Lucifer, it is more that Faustus finds in the earthly power he…show more content…
Another shortcoming of Faustus is he does not realize his fate is already sealed, and he is also blind to the fact that he can change a small portion of it. Throughout the tragedy, the main method Mephostophilis and Lucifer use to keep Faustus from repenting is that they will “in piecemeal tear thy flesh” (page 81). It seems quite simple to the readers that if Faustus repents, even if the devils mutilate his body, he will be received into heaven. However, Faustus worries too much about his physical body and his contract with Lucifer, that he is blind to the reality of what could happen if he were to repent. Another blind side of Faustus is that after seeing the seven deadly sins, he realizes that hell is not as bad as he thinks it is, and even thinks that hell is just an old wives tale and is not really a thing. After this conversation, Faustus starts wondering if there even is an afterlife after his death even though Mephostophilis is telling him hell is

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