Doctor Faustus Essay: The Tragical History Of Doctor Faustus

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The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus Lord Acton once said, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This means that when someone who was used to having nothing or little, change this condition and now have everything on his hands, this person change dramatically. In this story, this is what happened. Faustus, a man who already has a lot of knowledge in his head; has the desire of have even more knowledge and power, and he makes deals with the wrong people. This piece is about how power could change someone because Faustus change his way of being, ignore to God and played to be a god. First, the power could change someone as with Faustus. At the beginning of the story, Faustus was introducing as a good man with high qualities of intelligence. In the book says, "And necromantic books are…show more content…
Although God was not present physically, he always sent to his angel. The angel of Faustus tries to change the decisions that Faustus was taking, but his ignores him. In The Tragical Story of Doctor Faustus says, “O Faustus, lay that damnèd book aside, and gaze not on it, lest it temp thy head: Read, read the Scriptures; that is blasphemy” (p.1131). This means that his angel appears too many times, and speaks clearly to Faustus to please ignore the devil, but Faustus ignores his angel, and by this he ignores to God. According to Plutarch, an ancient philosopher, said, "The wicked do not need the punishment of God or man, because his corrupt and tormented life is a continuous punishment for them.” This phrase shows how although in some part of the life of Faustus he has everything, at the end he lost everything. When Faustus understand that his contract was about to end, he lives his last days with a lot of fear of what could happen. Faustus ignores God to have a life full of gratuities, fear, and power. Of course, he got it, but he regrets at the end because he ignores God and his punishment was a perpetual life in the
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