Doctors And Nurses In The Awakenings

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Browne (2015) says that films and movies shows the importance of doctors and nurses in all aspects of genre and life. It shows that doctors and nurses are the basics of health care structure. Of course, many other medical professionals, such as pharmacist, midwifes and therapist are working in the health care industry, but the majority of diagnosis and patient care are executed by doctors and nurses. Physicians noticeably have more education than nurses, as always shown on films and movies, and that’s the reason why they can prescribe medication and prescription, but subject on the health care scenario, there can be a significant connection on the responsibilities and task of doctors and nurses.
According to Ebert (1990) about the movie “The Awakenings” directed by Penny Marshall, it tells about the story of a new doctor (Robin Williams) who comes to work in the hospital. He has no experience in working with patients; indeed, his last project tangled with worms. Like those who have moved out before him, he has no particular anticipation for these “ghostly” patients, described as who are there and yet not there. He talks without anticipation to one of the patient women, who looks blankly towards him and her head and body are unmoving. But when he turns away, and he turns back she already changed her position –
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Yet, what’s amazing is how little of it seems accurate. Though embedded in fact, the movie feels like a synthetically planned assortment of Rain Man, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and — most prominently — Charly, the 1968 fantasy in which Cliff Robertson potrayed a retarded man who gains and then loses a genius-level IQ. The drama in any given scene is counted by the movie’s vigorous efforts to leave at your

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