Doctors Are Inhumane

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Throughout my time this semester all I heard from my fellow colleagues are the complaints about how doctors are and how inhumane and insensitive they have become throughout time. I completely object to these complaints. I believe doctors are the most humane of us all and carry out a burden none of us can imagine or handle. Their jobs consist of sacred tasks. They take on tasks necessary to the survival of every successfully functioning society.
A common misconception is of how insensitive doctors are, but it is easy to say that when you have not been in the shoes of a physician working eight hours a day not including night shifts, being in contact with countless of patients of different ethnicities, age and personalities at least five days a week.
“A young couple came to me that day overflowing with ambition, hoping to cure their newborn child. However, when I analyzed the child’s condition, I instantly felt an acute heartache fill my chest. I was full of sorrow to learn of the child’s hopeless state. So imagine what I was going through when I told this newly wedded couple that their
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It is how easily insensitive patients have become due to their private incentives as human beings. This means that in nature as a patient I seek the best customer service, satisfaction and treatment. This has caused the visiting patient to not usually think of the doctors’ problems but to constantly occupy their mentality with their personal problems. As a result, most of the people do not appreciate how much stress the common doctor undergoes.
Obviously, everyone experiences a degree of stress and tension in their lives and it is not only doctors whom face these obstacles in their workspace. However, due to the significant importance of the doctor-patient relationship, it is important for the being to realize the stress doctors experience and its residual
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