Doctors Without Hospitals Chapter Summary

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This is one tragic bombing that happened in the Middle East that closely resembles the scene in which Najmah lost her family, and almost seems as if the author has could have used this article for the book.(STEWE-2) Even in the present, bombing tragedies still happen sometimes on a daily basis, a reason why the author could use these events to create fictional ones and best develop the characters. “Many facts about the attacks in Kunduz are already known. For more than an hour early on Oct. 3, an American AC-130 gunship repeatedly strafed the main building of the hospital compound -- which housed the intensive care unit, the emergency room and the operating theater -- with great precision and tremendous firepower. The attack happened despite the fact that our staff in Afghanistan and in the United States had shared the GPS coordinates of the four-year-old hospital with Afghan and American military contacts as recently as Sept. 29” (“Doctors Without…show more content…
“PTSD currently known as post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS), is a condition marked by feelings of anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, recurring nightmares, and sudden outbursts of violence” (“Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)”). These symptoms are exactly like Najmah’s, which helps back the idea that the author uses bombing and PTSD to drive character conflict.(STEWE-2) We see that the bombing causes PTSD which causes a character conflict that can develop into character change all stemming from the nonfiction topics. PTSD is also a nonfiction topic and proves again the author uses non fiction for
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