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Response The documentaries Tough Guys and Killing us Softly, really brought to light the way masculinity and femininity are represented in our society. The characteristics and associations that are made when these words are thought of are bizarre and not natural. I strongly believe that both masculinity and femininity are learned characteristics from the human environment. I often wonder if people would even have these ideas and characteristics that are associated with gender in the beginning of time, or if people have slowly began to define and differentiate the genders throughout the evolution of time. Women have gone from the ideal body being curvy with some meat on the bones, to stick figures that are supposed to represent a women, and now have transitioned back to the curvy idea of a woman 's body. Yet, this new ideal body is in no way natural. The 21st century ideal body of a women is to have thick thighs but a very small and toned waist, and then a large bosom. This body barely even resembles 10% of the female population.…show more content…
Our society has a rule and regulation for every single thing associated with the human body, physically and psychologically. I wish the human body and how we interact with the environment and people around us was completely untouched by human perspective. In this case, I feel that how humans were truly supposed to be and interact would be clear, and all of this hardship due to what society says about us would be nonexistent and minute. We as humans were not created to nit pick one another through what we wear and how we act, we were made to advance the world with our complex minds, and really break limits on what is possible for mankind. Yet, as long as we hold these guidelines and limitations in place, we will continue to set boundaries as to what is possible for
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