Documentary Analysis: Agoraphobia And Depression

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There were various signs and symptoms observed throughout the documentary. The first I noted was that of Bex who suffered from Agoraphobia and Depression. Bex specifically stated she had a fear of leaving her home and being in public places. Bex described feelings of anxiety, fear, difficulty breathing, etc. The DSM states a person with Agoraphobia displays marked fear or anxiety in various situations, including being outside of the home and being in a crowd, these two are very specific to what Bex shared and displayed. This impeded her ability to go out shopping and spend time with friends. Bex depended heavily on her boyfriend to help with tasks such as shopping. Also, while out a nightclub, Bex became very anxious and fainted.
Next, Kiera Rose, suffered from Social Anxiety
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For some, therapy and other interventions just did not have the same impact as psychotropic medications. That being said, if it is possible to treat the client without the use of medication that would be the best option for the client. Many of the medications prescribed caused side effects upon intake, as well as withdrawal symptoms when client attempts to discontinue the prescribed medications. Side effects described in the documentary included cancer, depression, sudden death, heart attacks and night mares and many others. The choice to take medication must be very difficult for clients as they consider the side effects they might experience as opposed to the symptoms from their carious disorders. The documentary also highlighted the experiences of those who choose to stop using their medications and the effects of that along with trying to manage their symptoms from their illness. Ultimately, I feel that the best interests of the client should always be
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