Documentary Analysis Of The Film Rape In The Fields

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Sexual harassment is a common problem for women in the workplace. The trauma they suffer as a result is extensive. More than half a million women work in the fields and a majority are undocumented immigrants. The documentary Rape in the Fields, addresses some of the struggles these workers face. Due to their immigrant status the women are powerless, subject to unwelcome sexual advances and unable to seek help from the authorities.
A majority of the field workers come to the United States illegally in hopes of creating a better life for themselves and their family. Residing in the states without official papers leaves the women vulnerable. The supervisors and other men in higher positions take advantage of their power by threating the women with deportation
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The VISA protected them from deportation so they were able to report abuse. In

the case of Decoster, an immigration raid resulted in the deportation of all the workers. The men who committed sexual crimes against the women were also deported. Most perpetrators are not brought to justice but the women are affected for the rest of their lives.
Rape in the Fields is a powerful documentary that addresses many important issues in regards to sexual assault. Women are rendered powerless because they fear deportation and losing their job. Supervisors sexually exploit the women, but the women have no one to turn to for help. The documentary highlights these issues and brings them to the forefront. Awareness brings changes. By making the public aware of these issues, more women are likely to speak up.
People can be conscious about where they purchase their produce and how consumer choices affect and support certain corporations and working conditions. Sexual assault is a huge issue.
More legislation is needed to protect women against hostile work environments. The documentary brings awareness which will inspire

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