Reflection On The Human Footprint

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In this documentary “The Human Footprint”, entire life of an individual person is laid out in which we can see all those things, that we would ever use and produce in our lifetime, piled up in front of us. This documentary is the story of every one’s life, an average life, life from cradle to grave. This is the story of human footprint. Through the life of an average boy and girl, the impact of an average life is calculated. An average life span is 2 billion, 475 million and 576 thousand second’s journey and this is the journey from cradle to grave.
The impact that each person have can varies immensely because everyone is different. But, together whole 60 million of us become an average. The most important thing is to stay alive and to do this we have to face a job driving our lives to get enough calories. Just like a 100 volts light bulb, our body needs a steady flow of energy. In the beginning, all this energy is going to come from milk. So we will show you your lifetime time consumption of things, starting from milk.
Following are the noticeable points discussed in this movie about human footprint:-
1. A normal human being will consume 3 pints of milk a week or 14 pints a month or 168 pints a year and an average 15,951 pints of milk in a lifetime. To generate this much milk for the whole population requires 2.1
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Babies are wrapped in nappies during first 2.5 years. Nappies will require to be changed many times a day in these years. This all adds up to 3,800 nappies. All these diapers put a big load on our society. It takes 0.5 pint of crude oil to make 1 nappy, 715 pounds of plastic and 4.5 trees to make nappies for 1 baby over these nappy-wearing years. Leaving aside oil, trees and energy used to make these, each nappy is only used for few hours before being chopped away and we throw away 2.5 billion of them a year. It also makes a large contribution to the landfills. Plastics of the nappies that prevent leakage could take up to 500 years to
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