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Pipsissewa: Prince’s Pine
A little about the plant
Pipsissewa is a plant which is everlasting, small shrub having height of about 6-12 inches. It has leaves as long as 2-3 inches which are thick, lustrous in green colour. It has perfumed flowers which are pink in colour with purplish centres having 5 petals in corymbs structure. It also has a 5-celled erect fruit in capsule shape.
Leaves of this plant are mainly used for medicinal properties, but all other parts of this plant have active properties and can be used for healing purposes. The best way to consume is in tincture form.
Where is it found?
It is found in the temperate regions of the world. You can find them in parts of Europe, Asia, North, and South America.
Also known as
• Wintergreen
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So, for all you tea lovers out there, read about it in more detail in the below mentioned paragraphs.
Cup of pipsissewa tea
Herbal teas are very beneficial to health. Ditch the milk chai and add the amazing pipsissewa tea in your diet. It has a pleasant taste with a slight bitterness. You can add milk or honey as an addition, if you like. Carry on reading to know about it in detail.
Brief introduction
As the name says itself, it is made from the pipsissewa plant. The leaves of this plant are dried and used in the form of tea leaves.
Fun fact: It is also used for preparation of root beer.
How to make the tea:
It is very simple. You make it like you would make any other herbal tea.
It takes only a few minutes. Just add a full teaspoon of the leaves in a cup. Put boiling water into the cup. Let the leaves get soaked in the boiling water for about 2 to 4 minutes. Then, strain the drink in another cup. There you go. Enjoy yourself a healthy cup of tea.
You can add milk or honey if you wish. Avoid adding sugar.
Pipsissewa, as you already know by now, is full of benefits. All those benefits are transferred to your body when you drink the

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