Dodge Report: The Dodge Rebellion

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Dodge Report Thesis: Dodge started back with the dodge brothers;Horace and John Dodge. They started in 1902 after selling their share in bicycle business. They started making engines and transmissions for the company by the name of Oldsmobile. Dodge was used by General Patton in WWII as teh first mechanized cavalry change in the US. They both died of Pneumonia. In 1966, dodge came out with the dodge 1966 Coronet, A street racing car. On January 1, 1966 Rose Bowl viewers were introduced to the “Leader of the Dodge Rebellion.” This is when the first charger was born. In 1966, dodge took the charger in NASCAR. In 1967, the 66 charger was the first to have a rear spoiler. Later, David Paterson won 14 first place place Grand National Championship with dodge charger. Then in 1969-70 the best two chargers was built. A 69 Daytona Charger and a 70 Charger 500. The Charger 500 was the best seller. They put all new looks on the car as it was being made. They put one of the big motors in the charger 500. A 440 magnum cid. They (NASCAR) banned the motor from the tracks because it was just too fast with a hemi. The Charger 500 was used in movies. Well know in the fast and furious movies. Now dodge has made one of its fastest chargers a 2017 charger hellcat producing 700hp. Running in the 10’s in a ¼ mile. Dodge is continuing to grow everyday. I.Dodge…show more content…
After, building the 69 Daytona /Charger they wanted to make something a little bit more mean and bad looking and that is why we have the Dodge Charger 500.The body of the car was just great. It was a good looking car. It was the first car ever to have a huge wing on the back. The daytona was meant more for the NASCAR type of racing. But the 500 was built for the streets right from the start. They Created a motor with so much power that is was banned from cars that were to race in NASCAR. The 500 was a demon type of car. That is why everyone bought the

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