Dodgeball's Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In America

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The advertisement I found is about gun control in America. It was printed by a Canadian ad agency and is a full page advertisement, it shows two younger boys, about nine or ten years old, in an old, raggedy gym. There are basketballs, footballs and dodgeballs laying on the ground in the background. One of the children is holding a dodgeball while the other is holding an assault rifle. Above the children’s head, in a very large print, it reads “One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them. Guess which one.” At the bottom of the page in a much smaller print it reads “We ban the game of dodgeball because its viewed as being too violent. Why not assault weapons?” The advertisement is sponsored by Moms Demand Action. It is targeted towards any parent because they decided to use children which would get more attention from parents than anyone else.…show more content…
There are other advertisements almost identical to this one but asking why certain objects are banned from Kroger food stores or why some schools have banned the popular childrens book “Little Red Riding Hood”. They are trying to get parents attention to appeal to ethos by making parents think “Why is dodgeball banned when there is not better gun control laws?” Many parents probably grew up playing dodgeball with their friends at recess as a harmless playground game. Moms Demand Action are appealing to pathos by getting parents to think about what they most likely will be most emotional about, their children. If a parent is just flipping through a magazine in the waiting room, and they notice two children and one is holding an assault rifle, that parent is most likely going to stop and take more time to see what that advertisement is about than they normally would. They would want to see why that child is holding an assault rifle and would want to know which one is
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