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Fleetwood Mac was created in 1967 when Mick Fleetwood and John “Mac” McVie decided to create a British blues band. It was widely popular in Britain, but was less successful in the U.S. The band came out with a few hit singles, but hit a rough patch when they couldn’t be consistent on members. Fleetwood Mac endured 16 different members and several break-ups in the 40 years they were performing according to Biography. Eventually, McVie married singer Christine Perfect and hired Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to form the most iconic version of Fleetwood Mac. Later down the road, the band had its complications. Everyone had their own drama – Christine had multiple affairs with people on set, and Buckingham and Nicks were butting heads. This…show more content…
The intro includes a steady drum beat, the sounds from both electric and acoustic guitar, an electric bass, a xylophone, and some string instruments here and there. Stevie Nicks, lead vocalist, comes in with the melody and the texture turns into homophonic. Nick’s vocal range throughout the song is G3-C5. Toward the end of the first verse, there are background singers that harmonize the melody along with the steady bass line. This goes into the chorus with the sound of cymbals crashing, where there are short breaks of breath between lines 1-2 and 2-3. Between the chorus and the second verse, there is a break where the melody cuts out and all there is left are instrumentals, making it a polyphonic texture. The harmony accompaniment to Nick’s melody is a mix of drum beats and mild guitar riffs. The tone color represented through the use of instruments translates into a somber and earthy mood. The beginning starts off at a piano dynamic level and then crescendos into a forte by the chorus. After the first time through the chorus, the second verse gradually goes back into a piano or mezzo piano. The beat is found in the drums, making the tempo moderato (120 BPM) and the song itself in 4/4 meter. The form of the song is ternary because the first verse is A, the chorus is B, and the second verse is

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