Doe Chip In Beauty And The Beast

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Beauty and the Beast, released in 1991, is another Disney movie that has significant meanings. The phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is expressed throughout the plot in many different ways. For instance, the people do not trust Beast because of the way he looks, but Gaston is highly supported even though he criticizes Belle and her father for being different. Belle does not judge Beast by his outer appearance, but instead she gets to know him for the kind and gentle man that he is. She fell in love with Beast, regardless of his outside appearance and short temper. Viewers will be more accepting of others as a result of watching the movie. In addition, Beauty and the Beast shows viewers that a “chipped cup” can still have value. At first glance, Chip…show more content…
A person may be suffering addiction, experiencing depression, expressing opposing views, or do something very bad, but those things do not define him/her. Chip is not defined by his recklessness (which is why he is chipped), but is instead defined by his actions and his heart. This can, and has, been applied to life by the people who watched Beauty and the Beast. Lastly, Beauty and the Beast teaches us that inner beauty conquers outer beauty. Beast realizes this during the movie when he starts to love Belle. While many Disney movies include beautiful princesses that marry handsome princes and live happily ever after, Beauty and the Beast is different. Belle is not considered beautiful, and Beast is certainly not handsome, but they love each other regardless. The movie shows young girls that love is not all about being pretty, but that it comes from the heart. Overall, Beauty and the Beast is an influential movie for children because it teaches them to be more accepting of others and that a person is more than what is expressed on the
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