Doe Deere Essay

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Doe Deere Breaks All Of The Rule “...I strive to uplift and drive people to succeed through positive reinforcement.” Doe Deere To many women Doe Deere exemplifies the freedom and fun that so many of us feel unable to express without her encouragement. Ms. Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York. She worked at a variety of different jobs before settling on creating a new type of cosmetic. The name of the company is Lime Crime, and is a reflection of her personality. The colors are bold, and daring, some glitter, while others are simply bold. Known as makeup for unicorns, they are magical, and cruelty-free. Ms. Deere believes that makeup isn 't just to hide flaws, but also as an expression of personality. It should be fun, and not…show more content…
According to Ms. Deere this rule just doesn 't make sense all of the time. Sometimes a dramatic, and fun look is wanted. Bold with bold can help bring out a woman 's best. She believes this look can create a “happy heart”. She encourages women to break the “only one bold at a time” rule and display their true self. Rule Two: Don 't Mix Too Many Patterns. For many years women were warned about wearing patterns on patterns. No longer, Ms. Deere feels that patterns on patterns can look wonderful as long a few precautions are taken. She recommends that women try to find a way to bring the patterns together using color coordination or complimentary colors. She feels that if you are happy in patterns and they make you feel happy, then women should go for it. Rule Three: Don 't Wear Socks With Open Toed Shoes. For some time now, people regard socks with open-toed shoes the province of grandparents, not so according to Ms. Deere. Socks today come in bright colors with contrasting toes, so why not show them off? Ms. Deere is a big fan of socks and feels that expressing one 's fun side can be shown by displaying the bright sock colors that so many women love. Why not show them off,
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