Doe Family Psychological Analysis

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The Doe family lack family resilience and seek destructive behaviors to cope with stress. Like mentioned before, Nina dealt with her stress by trying to commit suicide and Adam started binge drinking. One priority nursing diagnosis for the Doe family is ineffective coping related to destructive behavior toward self. This is a priority because harming themselves can cause them to lose their life. One nursing intervention that I would initiate is to provide chances to express concerns, fears, feelings and expectations. The rationale for this is that verbalization of actual or perceived threats can help reduce anxiety and open doors for ongoing communication (Ackley,2014). Accuracy is the evaluation criteria I would use to make sure the family’s…show more content…
This article supported my reasoning on why verbalizing your stress is important. A second nursing intervention that I would initiate is to assess for the influence of cultural beliefs, norms and values on the patient’s perceptions of effective coping. The rationale for this is that the patient’s coping behavior may be based on cultural perceptions of normal and abnormal coping behavior (Ackley, 2014). Socio-cultural utility is the evaluation criteria I would use because it incorporates the beliefs and values of different cultures. This intervention would be beneficial to the Doe family because it’s important to assess how their culture affects their coping ability. By knowing their culture and their belief then nurses can help them find coping strategies that stays within their practice. In an article named Culture and Stress quotes, “By culture, we mean the set of ideas, beliefs, expectations and behaviors that are shared by a particular group of people. Where it comes to stress, an individual’s culture could affect their experience in a number of ways including: The coping mechanisms available to deal with the stressor” (Sammons,
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