Doege-Potter Syndrome Case Study

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Doege-Potter Syndrome, cause of non-islet cell tumor hypoglycemia, the first case report from Nepal.
Doege–Potter syndrome (DPS), a paraneoplastic syndrome, presents as a hypoinsulinaemic hypoglycemia from the ectopic secretion of insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-II) from a solitary fibrous tumor which may be intrapleural or extrapleural in origin. We report a case of severe hypoglycemia in a 68-year old lady initially admitted for resection of left sided solitary fibrous tumor of pleura (SFTP). Investigation revealed true hypoglycemia and DPS was diagnosed. The tumor was completely resected and the patient made a full recovery with no further hypoglycemic episodes. This is probably the first case of SFTP with DPS reported from
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The admission prior to surgery was complicated by hypoglycemia, leading to cancellation of the surgery. Surgery was postponed until an endocrinology evaluation was completed. There was absence of any underlying endocrine pathology. The administration of hypoglycemic agent was ruled out. The patient was clinically Whipple’s triad positive suggesting true hypoglycemia. He was also found to have normal thyroid and adrenal function insulin level of <3 mU/L [3.0-25.0 mU/L]Serum C-peptide level was below 0.05ng/ml which was very less (Ref: 0.81-3.85 ng/ml). Anti-insulin antibody was…show more content…
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