Does A Megacity Have A Positive Impact On The Environment

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Chapter 4: D The amount of vehicles in South Africa divided into all nine provinces we can therefore see that the Gauteng area are most populated with over two million cars already in 2010. This adds up to almost 40% of the total amount of cars in South Africa at that time. Figure 4.3: Drivers rated traffic in world cities from 1 to 100 In this graph we can see that traffic in Johannesburg are rated as the third worst city by drivers with Beijing and Mexico City being the worst. 10. Does a megacity have a negative or positive impact on the environment? A Megacity will have a negative impact on the environment because megacities usually consist of a very large population and various large industries and businesses. The concentration of industries and people in a rather small area compared to the rest of the country greatly increases the pollution in that area. Responsible population growth is a solution to be considered like implemented in China where one child per couple are allowed and not more. The following graph shows to us the population growth in megacities: Figure 4.4: The emergence of megacities (David Bloom, 2007) 11. What can be done to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses caused by a megacity? There are various solutions which can be implemented such as accessible and affordable public transport throughout the city, renewable energy, new technologies such as electric cars, special taxes, legislation on emissions, environmental bylaws and

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