Does Alexander The Great Really Benefit The World?

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Is Alexander the Great really THAT great? Did all of his successes actually benefit the world? And did the people of Greece really like having Alexander as King? Or did they favor the Persian king over him? Alexander the Great did not only conquer several places that did not need conquering but also killed innocent people who did not agree with him. If you really look into what Alexander did you may find that he did not exactly live up to his name. Is Alexander the Great "not" so great? Alexander the Great was a villain because he demanded utmost allegiance, he conquered for money, and he failed to establish a working government before his death.
Alexander the great was a king, leader, and conqueror. Throughout his time as king, his empire prevailed. He was a strong fighter and a good leader. His ruling and fighting have been remembered for thousands of years. But he also failed to create a stable government, or pass away the throne before his death. A significant reason that Alexander the great is NOT so great, is the fact that he DEMANDED utmost allegiance. If he did not get his way he would most likely start some sort
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He helped work encourage religions and practices throughout his empire. “ respect for the cultural practices of the people he had conquered. He did this by adopting some of these practices himself.” (“Alexander the Great”) He also listened to his people and allowed them to return home after a long war. “At this point, Alexander had accumulated one of the largest empires in history. However, his soldiers were ready to revolt. They wanted to return home to see their wives and children. Alexander agreed and his army turned back.” (“Alexander the Great”) Historians have proved that Alexander the Great MAY be the best military leader of all time. He conquered thousands of miles of land during his time as king. And built a wonderful empire for his
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