Does Beowulf Use A Sword

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The story of Beowulf, written by an unknown author from the dark ages, expresses humanity 's flaws using monsters and heroic figures of Northern Europe. This story is based off of the brave warrior Beowulf. He journeys from his homeland to the land of the Danes, hearing the story of Grendel. Upon his arrival, he meets the king of the Danes, Hrothgar. Before Beowulf’s fight with Grendel, he decided not to use a sword. His men told him that it is dangerous, but he decided to not listen to them . “Beowulf shrugged.’My sword? Oh, I left it in the sun somewhere. I need no sword.’.....’Does Grendel use a sword?’ demanded Beowulf.”p.33-34. Beowulf does not need to use a sword to try and defeat Grendel, he bravely decides to fight Grendel
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