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From the time Richard was born to the present day, there have been many advances in black equality, but racism and discrimination are still very apparent in our society today. There has been an increase in black pride and the encouragement for blacks to advance in social status, but a majority of blacks still remain in the bottom sector of the economic and social class. Richard Wright was born after the Civil War, but before the Civil Rights Movement. If he were writing an autobiography today about a black boy growing up in the United States, he would write about the positive increase of African American pride and empowerment, but also the unjust and sanctioned police brutality, and the growing poverty among most blacks. Blacks had begun to…show more content…
In many areas in America, protests have begun and riots are becoming more common in a majority of black populated cities. In the article, “Question William Lynch… Does Black Lives Really Matter?”, by M/R Johnson, Johnson describes the police who have been targeting the projects; areas filled with lost hope and no jobs, but rather just crime and poverty. From the police brutalities, the group and movement called, Black Lives Movement, has arisen. They are calling for justice to be served as none of the cops that have committed “murder” were accused of a crime, despite clear evidence of an abuse of power and force. In the article, “KING: Outrage over police abuse has disappeared in 2016, even with hundreds already killed by law enforcement this year”, by Shaun King, King argues that most Americans are unaware of the vast number of unarmed blacks that have been murdered by cops within just 2016. He believes that despite the previous hype of this issue, it has died down in 2016 and the pressure for reform on the police enforcement has diminished. Richard would include police brutality in his autobiography because even though there are now laws that prohibit discrimination and are meant to protect people’s rights, the law enforcement agencies are still getting away with targeting people of low social class, which is majorily

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