Does Brutus Deserve Sympathy

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Brutus deserves sympathy because his wife, Portia died and he has a big responsibility on leading their army. Brutus also has to deal with Cassius selling the high positions to anyone which puts the army at risk. 2a.) Octavius and Antony argue about Lepidus because Octavius thinks he is a good man and a valiant soldier but, Anthony thinks that, “ He shall but bear them as the ass bears gold, To groan and sweat under the business” (p. 885 21-22.) 2b.) Their argument was different from the one between Brutus and Cassius because Antony and Octavius were in a small argument disagreeing on liking Lepidus and giving him power. On the other hand, Brutus and Cassius were in a heated argument about how Brutus was upset at Cassius because gave high positions in the army to men who would pay for it.…show more content…
“And (her attendants absent) swallowed fire.” (p.892 155) 3b.) Brutus delayed in telling Cassius about Portia's death because he did not want to talk or think about it and, they were in the middle of an argument. 3c.) Cassius was surprised and felt bad when Brutus told him that Portia died. Cassius didn't even want to go into it because he was so sad. 4a.) The ghost of Caesar appeared to Brutus. Brutus was very startled and said, “ It comes upon me. Art thou anything? Art thou some god, some angel, or some devil” (p. 896 277-
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