Does Dressing Good Make You Smarter Research

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Does dressing good, make you smarter?

My research topic/question is “does dressing good,make you smarter”, and im in interested in this topic because i want to understand the psychology behind this. In other words understand why does dressing up or better than usual enhance your intelligence, and dressing not so mannered make you maybe not as intelligent, and if there is a difference then why does clothes effect abstract concrete thoughts. A hypothesis a proposition made as a basis for reasoning, without any assumption of its truth. My hypothesis is if you dress well then you will become smarter because i feel you will enable yourself to be freed from all criticism on your outfit and you can free yourself from concrete thinking and boost
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Random assignment is a very important part in a experiment/research project because you have to make sure that you have randomly assigned the participants in a group, otherwise the experiment/research will become a selection bias. It is important to prevent selection bias because it can have just as big of an effect on the project to enable itself to ruin the study and making the results invalid. So i would ensure this from not happening by either generating a random number selector or by telling students to pick from a basket of random numbers to choose from. My population in my experiment would be students in the 10th grade and even though it is very hard to get a perfect representative sample the larger the population the lower risk of a non-representative sample, so in order to pick a good representative sample i would gather a major variety of the 10th grade students in a school, and make sure there is a great geographically/demographically representative who has very similar characteristics from everyone else, or picking randomly from a number generator. I would try avoid outliers because they generate bias, which will throw off all your sample means and just mess up your final conclusion for the
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