Moral Education Importance

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Education is extremely important in ensuring peace, especially in today’s globalised world where ideas and cultures can be spread extremely quickly around the planet. Although some may think that education does not build peace as it will lead to elitism, causing discrimination and disruption of peace, however, education builds the foundation of one’s moral values, especially in the young, so that they would not be easily influenced and commit crimes. Education also allows one to have their own viewpoints, so that they would not be easily influenced by terrorists, disrupting peace. Some may not view education as peace-building as education will bring about elitism, thus resulting in discrimination and disruption of peace. This is because…show more content…
They would be able to tell the right from wrong, therefore are less likely to commit criminal offences, ensuring a more peaceful society when they grow older. Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. This is partly due to the strict enforcement of Moral education in schools. In Singapore, Civics and Moral education has been incorporated into the school syllabus, teaching every Singaporean student the foundational values that is essential in ensuring peace and harmony in today’s society. This causes the crimes rates to be lower as the young would be taught to tell the right from wrong, preventing them from committing crimes and disrupting peace when they grow older. In poorer countries where there is a lack of education, the crime rates are usually higher as the people were not educated on the right moral values. For example, in Africa, the crime rates are much higher as there is a lack of education there and moral education is not emphasised in Africa. Similarly, the crime rates in India are also extremely high. About 70 percent of India’s 1.2 billion population live in extreme poverty, therefore, they are not educated, causing them to resort to criminal offences in order to get what they need. Statistics show that a rape case gets reported every 22 minutes in India. This is mostly due to the lack of moral education, causing the people to commit such…show more content…
In today’s globalised world, ideologies can spread easily around the world, from one country to another, due to the advancement of information technology. As such, belligerent politicians and terrorist groups make use of information technology to spread their violent and radical views across the planet, reaching out to millions of people, especially youths, hoping to influence them and garner support. Education is extremely important under such circumstances as it will educated the people about terrorism, preventing them from getting radicalised by these aggressive politicians and terrorist groups. In Singapore, numerous schools have started lessons on the terror threats in our world today, teaching students how to avoid getting radicalised, and reinforcing the danger and threat of terrorism. These lessons will help to prevent lone-wolf attacks in Singapore as the people will be taught to fight against terrorism, instead of falling prey to the terrorist groups and disrupting peace in the country. However, in impoverished and politically unstable countries where there is a lack of education, terrorists can easily manipulate and exploit the poor and uneducated into following their radical ideologies. A case in point is in Iraq, a politically unstable country. ISIS took over the

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