Does Education System Sttifling Creativity?

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Education is such a vital system …but is it really stifling creativity?. Many people think that education is very important for getting the informations and getting the concepts of the subjects. For a long time, Education make the students as a test-taking machines. It removes the connections between the mind and feeling . it neglects the imagination . Education systems doesn’t permit the students to make mistakes or to be wrong. The students should answer the Assignments without making mistakes. As a matter of fact we 're all born with natural talents but our organizations, especially education, tend to stifle many of them and as a result we are fomenting a human and an economic disaster. “ we are educating people out of their creative capacities” (Ken Robinsons). The question is Does Education system stifle creativity? . Although education is very important, it stifles creativity in three main aspects psychologically, personally and professionally.
From a psychological side education in schools lays the establishment of a child 's advancement. It play a key part in forming kids into capable natives and great people. It helps build character, leads to enlightenment, it lays the foundation of a stronger nation. Despite that school education provides us with knowledge, it is too standardized. It forgets connections between intellect and feelings.It does not permit people to make mistakes. It put
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