Does Education System Stifle Creativity?

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Education is such a vital system …but is it really stifling creativity?. Many people think that education is very important for getting the informations and getting the concepts of the subjects. For a long time, Education make the students as a test-taking machines. It removes the connections between the mind and feeling . it neglects the imagination . Education systems doesn’t permit the students to make mistakes or to be wrong. The students should answer the Assignments without making mistakes. As a matter of fact we 're all born with natural talents but our organizations, especially education, tend to stifle many of them and as a result we are fomenting a human and an economic disaster. “ we are educating people out of their creative capacities” (Ken Robinsons). The question is Does Education system stifle creativity? . Although education is very important, it stifles creativity in three main aspects psychologically, personally and professionally.
From a psychological side education in schools lays the establishment of a child
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Psychologically Education does not allow individuals to commit errors. It put understudies under huge levels of anxiety once they attempt to convey what needs be. This leads to kill mental health. Personally existing knowledge of the world is a starting point for young children’s play. Schools do not advance, educate, or support divergent thinking. How can people express their creativity without developing the necessary skills?. Professionally for Professional development education then must change and the change must take place within the context of the current structure .This will leads to a generation of divergent, creative thinkers to solve the problems. Nurturing those thinkers today is critical to achieving the most advantageous
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