Does Esau Love Jacob

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Esau and Jacob were the sons of the heir. They were told by God as two nations, two kinds of people, whom He hated and loved well. (Malachi 1:2-3) Of the two brothers, the Bible tells that God hated Esau but loved Jacob. What made God hate Esau and loved Jacob? God hated Esau for the following reasons: First, he was worldly and arrogant; He did not regard the importance of his birthright and its eternal significance exchanging it with some bread and lentil stew to Jacob to satisfy his hunger (Genesis 25:31-34). Second, he married Canaanite women, which were detestable to God (Genesis 28:9). Clearly, Esau’s life and character was a complete picture of weakness instead of strength (Genesis 49:3); Therefore, God made Esau a servant to his twin brother, Jacob, whose life and faith strongly symbolized hope and power in the Lord that God’s people should emulate— God clearly revealed this truth to Rebekah before she…show more content…
Profoundly, the Bible states, “If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham 's seed and heirs according to the promise.” (Galatians 3:29) What spiritual values Christians should learn from the spiritual life of Jacob? Like Jacob, Christians must be faithful in keeping God’s covenant, obey Jesus’ teachings (by loving God and neighbor unconditionally). Distinctively, God gave His people the gift of the Holy Spirit to empower them to overcome their weaknesses and expose the deceit of the evil spirits in their lives in order that they can live in righteousness and offer themselves as a living offering to God, which will be their spiritual worship to God (Romans 12:1) ; and finally, they should faithfully give their tithes and offerings to God as a significant aspect of worshipping God. Deuteronomy 28:7-9 declares, “LORD will command the blessing upon you in your barns and in all that you put your hand to, and He will bless you in the land which the LORD your God gives
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