Does Gun Control Reduce Violent Crimes

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One argument for gun control is that gun levels affect the violent crimes rates. There have been several studies to determine if gun control laws actually decrease the levels of crime. However, it is impossible to accurately measure the changes over time of gun levels and crime because there 's no valid way to measure of these changes. (Kleck, Kovandzic and Bellows, Does Gun Control Reduce Violent Crime?)
The CX design study compares different legal jurisdictions with each other to determine if one area has lower gun violence than another with similar gun control laws. Controlling the presence and absence of other gun laws is important because residents that favor one-gun controller are more likely to like another one. It is also important to
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One significant factor that must be factored in is the differences between state laws and federal laws. State and local laws are different and state controls are often broader than Federal controls. For example, State Band by convicted criminals applies to certain misdemeanors and felon where US Federal bans applies only to felons. To be considered as a juvenile some states restrict 18 to 20 year olds. Where is federal only is 18 and under. (Kleck, Kovandzic and Bellows, Does Gun Control Reduce Violent Crime?)
Among all these different studies, as well as the different aspects that have to be considered when analyzing the data, there is not enough strong evidence to support that gun control laws reduce violent gun crimes. Strong supporting evidence produced by Kovandzic, Marvell, and Vierait in 2005, whose panel data was pertained to 189 large cities from 1980 to 2000, used city data that did not influence the county crime rates. They found that Right to Carry (RTC) laws have no real significant effect on violent crime rates. (Kleck, Kovandzic and Bellows, Does Gun Control Reduce Violent
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