Does Gun Control Violate The 2nd Amendment?

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Throughout history, especially recently, the question of whether gun control violates the 2nd Amendment has been a question which many people claim they know the answer to, but it may not be that transparent. I believe gun control is constitutional, and it deters crime and makes society safer, meaning I side with the pro-gun control ideas. Within the topic of gun control, there are many factors in which people must take into consideration when proposing an answer such as whether it deters crime, what the economic impact is, and what should be changed. NEW PARAGRAPH...Gun control can date way back, but what really made it controversial was the court case of Heller vs DC in 2008. The court case went up to the Supreme Court, where it was decided…show more content…
Given in 2014, there were 52,00 recorded shooting, yet only 1,600 were recorded as self-defense, this leads many people to the idea that self-defense is rarely used (The Truth). Backing [up] that idea up,[is the ______________that] for every criminal killed in self-defense, 34 civilians die(Ingraham). The pro-gun control side also believes concealed carry is not effective [for ________________________] . Concealed carry is when someone is carrying a gun in public, but it is hidden so no one knows. Many are against concealed carry because it would lead to an arms race. As said by Kelly Sampson, on behalf of the Brady Campaign, allowing concealed carry would force the criminals to get higher damage guns, which would lead to an unnecessary amount of guns. If criminals got higher grade weapons, it would mean more violent crimes and more deaths. Obama once said “There is a gun for roughly every man, woman, and child in America. So how can you, with a straight face, make the argument that more guns will make us safer?” and many people on the pro-gun control side stand by this. They trust the idea that countless guns in America do not make America safer or deter…show more content…
While a man from the NRA, Brian Calabrese, said self-defense is used in various ways, the thought of a panicked person with a gun during a crime is not beneficial. From my perspective, I don’t want to live in a society where the at any point in time, I should be ready to shoot a gun. The arms race which Kelly Sampson was talking about, also made me think about how different society would be if the arms race ensued. Most of society would have to adapt to the norm of owning a gun, which would force the criminals to get stronger and higher capacity firearms. In this hypothetical society, I believe there would be a much higher death and crime rate. The statistic if someone owns a firearm, they are 90% more likely to die of homicide, really stood out for me and made me realize while owning a gun might make one feel safe, it is actually detrimental to one’s safety(The
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