Does Hamlet Love Ophelia

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“With all my love I do commend me to you” Throughout the play in The Tragedy of Hamlet, by William Shakespeare Hamlet’s love for Ophelia appears to be questionable. Does Hamlet really love Ophelia? Although, there are enough evidence in the play that shows Hamlet has no real love for Ophelia and he’s just playing with her emotions I feel like they provide enough evidence that shows he really does love her. He is this way towards her since he found out further details about his father’s death and has to act crazy in order for him to keep plotting and trying to reveal Claudius true intentions. I believe this causes the readers to doubt the love he feels for Ophelia. But deep down I feel like he does truly love her. Hamlet has to act crazy in order for them to believe him he writes Ophelia a message. “Doubt thou the stars are fire/Doubt that the sun doth move/Doubt truth to be a liar/But never doubt I love”(2.2.124-127). Hamlet is telling Ophelia that she may wonder if the stars are fire, if the sun truly moves around the sky, if the truth is a liar, but to never wonder that if he loves her or not because he does. But Hamlet…show more content…
He says why would she want to give birth to more sinners. Although it seems as he might be mocking her it might be possible that Ophelia and Hamlet had sexual relationships and she might be pregnant and he’s just protecting her if that was the case. Since Ophelia tells her father Polonius everything Hamlet must act mad in order to protect his love for Ophelia. Although readers may not perceive this as protecting her and they may believe Hamlet’s rejection towards her might be due for the fact that marriage itself has become abhorrent to him. Ever since his mother Gertrude married his uncle Claudius not too long after King Hamlet died. Hamlet lost all his love for his mother and he thinks Ophelia acts just like his
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