Does Hamlet Really Love Ophelia Analysis

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Sometimes in life people do not portray things how the really mean to. Sometimes people treat the people they truly love harshly. Sort of like how in the play of Hamlet, Hamlet acts like he does not really love Ophelia. But, in the tragedy of Hamlet, the protagonist, Hamlet, really did love Ophelia. This can be seen through his actions toward her before he found out about his father’s death being a murder, pretending to be crazy simply to prove to the king and Polonius, and by his actions after Ophelia 's death. Because of Hamlet’s actions towards Ophelia in the very beginning of the play is one reason how it can be seen the Hamlet truly does love Ophelia. An example of this can be seen throughout act one of the play. When Ophelia is taking…show more content…
An example of this in the play is when Hamlet invites Ophelia to the play he is putting on for the king. His attitude towards her is cold and heartless, telling her she should go to a nunnery and never be married. One last example of this is when Hamlet is in the library and Ophelia comes to visit him. Hamlet knows that Polonius is watching them so he acts cold to her, to prove to Polonius he isn’t in love with her. Lastly, because of Hamlet’s actions after he finds out of Ophelia’s death. An example from the play would be when Hamlet ends up at Ophelia’s funeral on accident. He throws himself into Ophelia’s grave after Laertes to prove he loves her more than Laertes does. One last example of this is when Hamlet uses his rage from Ophelia’s death in his duel with Laertes, which puts him ahead a few points before the tragic end of the play. In conclusion, it can be proven that Hamlet truly does love Ophelia. He pretends he isn’t in love with her kind of like in real life. Sometimes people pretend they not care for the people they really care for the most, just like Hamlet did to

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