Does Hamlet Truly Love Ophelia?

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To netflix and chill , or to not netflix and chill, is the question.This is a complicated question one might make for oneself in today’s age. Also, in today’s time love might be the cause of complex questions. By the same token, in Shakespeare’s time, love raised even more convoluted questions. These complex questions translated to Shakespeare 's writing, and is seen in his play Hamlet. In Hamlet, Hamlet goes through emotional turmoil that causes him to hurt the people around him, and his actions raise a question of does he love Ophelia. Although some may disagree, in William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, Hamlet truly loves Ophelia, but her betrayal and his growing hatred for women twists and corrupts his love. People of this time…show more content…
In reality, Hamlet truly loved Ophelia, and did not use her. Hamlet admits to Ophelia that, “ I did love you once” (Shakespear 54). He admits his love to Ophelia, and his admittance refutes that he was just using her. Even after Ophelia dies, and Hamlet can’t use her anymore as the opposition claims, he still screams his love. Hamlet proclaims, “I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers could not with all their quantity of love make up my sum” (Shakespeare 108). He tells Laertes at Ophelia 's funeral that he loved Ophelia more than forty thousand brothers ever could. Ophelia is dead at this point, and Hamlet wouldn’t have to keep on his charade if he had one. He still asserts that he loved Ophelia, and this admittance further confirms that Hamlet loved Ophelia. In conclusion, although some may argue differently, Hamlet greatly loved Ophelia. Granted, the love was problematic, but he still loved her. The opposition posed great points, but Hamlet’s behavior, status, courting, and confession proves the point that he loves Ophelia. Hamlet proclamation of love twice seals the case that Hamlet in fact loved Ophelia. In Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the reader sees a young prince navigate through the intricate questions of love, and his journey can inspire one to get through their tough questions of life in the
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