Does Hamlet Want To Kill Claudius

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Hamlet is cautious. In the previous soliloquies, he was also very careful. He wants to believe that Claudius killed his father. But Hamlet sees Claudius sees praying and rethinks his plan. It makes Hamlet think if Claudius is actually a bad person. Is the ghost a good ghost? Hamlet also thinks that it wouldn’t be fair to kill Claudius since he has prayed about his sins. Which means that Claudius would have a higher chance going to heaven, while his father is tortured in Hell. I think Hamlet a procrastinator, he is being too cautious or careful. He had so many chances to kill Claudius, but he chooses to fall back. Hamlet putting on the play and seeing Claudius’s reaction is a big clue that Claudius is the murderer. Instead, Hamlet thinks that
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