Does Home Have Walls Analysis

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Does a Home Have Walls?

Abode, casa, house, there are literally a thousand definitions of the word home, but what is the true meaning? Over millenniums, The word home has evolved and with its so has its definition. Now with such a wide variety of opinions, what is the universally true way to call home. In Tenaya Darlingtons essay Dream Houses, she describes the difference between a house and a home. Staying at her parents new dream home, Darlington describes it as nothing short of wonderful; a modern, sleek, fresh home right in a scenic forest. Yet despite all its splendor, Darlington and her brother still feel a connection to their old house. Driving though their previous neighborhood, they see their old home, and with it see their memories. They reflect on the
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Morris starts off eerily by talking about her geiger counter, and how it went off the closer and closer so got to the Chernobyl nuclear power reactor. After a major nuclear meltdown in April 26, 1986 almost everyone in the surrounding area was removed since the housing was deemed “unsafe” for humans. Despite the widespread terror a community stayed, all strong, powerful babushkas. These women in the face of danger defied authorities, and common sense, and decided to stand their ground and stay on their homesteads. Naturally anyone who would hear about this would either presume these babushkas to be dead yet they are still going strong with a community of 200. Morris describes that they are actually outliving those who relocated by decades. Despite living in the most radioactive area on earth these women are defying all odds and surviving. How could this be though? I believe it is because they are home. Home for them represents their memories, their youth, culture, and livelihoods, but most of all peace. They are not attached to the object of the home but the feeling of peace and tranquility it provides them
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