Essay On Iago's Ability To Deceive Others In Othello

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In Othello by William Shakespeare, Iago deceives others, mainly Othello and Roderigo, due to his desire for revenge, an improved reputation, and power. Throughout the play, Iago uses his desire for revenge to deceive others, like Othello. Iago’s desire for revenge shows when he states, “For “Certes,” says he, / “I have already chose my officer.”/ And what was he?/ Forsooth, a great arithmetician, / One Michael Cassio, a Florentine” (1.1.17-21). Othello’s choice reveals Iago’s jealousy of Cassio earning the position which fuels Iago’s desire for revenge on not only Othello, but also on Cassio. Another time Iago deceives someone to build up his plan is when he tells Roderigo, “When she is sated with his/ body she will find the errors of…show more content…
Iago uses rhetorical appeals to gain this new reputation. An example occurs when Iago tells Othello, “Nay, but he prated/ And spoke such scurvy and provoking terms/ Against your/ honor”(1.2.7-9). By telling Othello that Brabantio has been talking negatively about him behind his back, Iago tries to gain Othello’s trust so when he puts his plan into action. Othello won’t question if Iago actually tells the truth or not. Another example is when Iago state, “What, man, there are ways to/ recover the general again” (2.3.259-260). In this quote Iago draws Cassio into believing there are ways to his position back on Othello’s good side again. Both quotes show Iago using his credibility to get on the good sides of both characters, increasing his reputation as a good friend/guy. Due to this increase, Iago can activate his plan with little to none suspicion and Iago can also manipulate Othello easily. Therefore, without the increase in Iago’s reputation and the trust others have in him, Iago wouldn’t have been able to accomplish his plan of bringing Othello to believe Desdemona is sleeping with Cassio which would’ve changed how Othello reacts. This would’ve made Iago unsuccessful, making his opportunity to deceive others…show more content…
Throughout the play Iago tries to ruin Othello to steal Othello’s job and gain more power. Since Iago’s lies have gotten the attention of Othello, there has been changes in Othello’s behavior that makes Lodovico question, “Is this the noble Moor whom our full senate/ Call all in all sufficient? Is this the nature/ Whom passion could not shake? Whose solid virtue/ The shot of accident nor dart of chance/ Could neither graze nor pierce?” (4.1.259-263). Due to Lodovico questioning Othello’s behavior, Shakespeare shows how Iago has gotten Othello stuck with only one side of the story changed Othello’s behavior that some are questioning whether Othello should rule or not. This is important since it shows how much Iago’s plan has accomplished in the right direction for Iago to achieve Othello’s position and gain power. If the other citizens got word that Othello was acting strange, then there would be more questioning if he is the right choice for the job Othello has at the moment. This would give Iago the opportunity he needs to step in and get more power because his reputation as “Honest Iago” would convince those in Venice to elect him for Othello’s job. In the end, Iago’s deception of Othello and Roderigo help Iago try to achieve revenge, an improved reputation, and power. By manipulating, both Othello and Roderigo, and being fueled by jealousy, Iago’s plan changed the behavior of those around him without any questioning on whether Iago

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