The Importance Of Hard Work

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Goals, does it take hard work to accomplish goals unimaginable or a grate astonishing idea. Martin Luther King once said “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable, every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals”. So of course it does take hard work to achieve a goal because ,how hard you work will determine how important that idea is to you, also achieving more than you thought can come into consideration along the road of achieving your idea. Also last of all, so that you can leave your legacy at trying to achieve it.
For beginners, most people might think that it just takes talent to achieve a goal. Hard work is needed because,
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For example Ray Lewis has been in the NFL for a long time and has been working hard for many years and now he is remembered as one of the best Ravens ever. Human kind has done a lot of amazing things through out the decade, and we notice that we are limitless beyond our imagination. To the first person landing on the moon, which was Neil Armstrong to the first African American president which is Barack Obama. People might think that leaving a legacy is not worth that much in life .you can leave a legacy any where, from the president’s office to leaving a legacy in people’s lives. That is why it is necessary to work hard to achieve a goal.
People might think hard work is not needed because it’s too much of a burden, or because it’s not worth it to achieve. A person that thinks that it is too much work to work hard to achieve a goal is probably too occupied with some thing that they need or something else they need to acheave. Or some times they might think that achieving the goal is too much obstacles to go over and there isn't enough time to achieve it .some times the person is too comfortable with being lazy and has not given a thought of what the effects are on there
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