George Has To Face Reality Of Mice And Men

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George has to face the reality that he and Lennie may never get a place together. Lennie keeps getting himself into trouble, which is not helping their situation. George knows that Lennie is not “normal”. Most people similar to Lennie in the 1930’s were in asylums, however George would never let this happen. Lennie gets into trouble and George has to decide what he should do with Lennie, but first he has to face reality. Slim has just questioned George with a serious question. George has to debate whether or not he should tell Slim where Lennie went. If George tells him Lennie could die, on the other hand, if he does not tell him they will be on the run again. George has someone’s life in his hands and he has to do what he thinks is best. George has made a decision that could change his whole life. He decided what should happen to Lennie and who should be the one to do it.…show more content…
If Lennie was not killed or put into prison, he could go to an asylum which is much worse. George needed to do it himself. He couldn’t let some stranger do this to Lennie, it had to be him. George was going to have to face this at some point. George does not want to kill Lennie and is having a difficult time doing so. He does know this is best for him. George has just done something he hoped to never face. He is mortified with himself. He did not want it to come to this, though at this point in time he knew it had to be done. If it was going to be done it had to be him. He owed it to Lennie to have him do it. George has just done something that he wished would never had happened. George had to face that he was not going to be able to complete his dream with Lennie, after all of the trouble he got himself
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