Does Martin Luther King Jr Mean In Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Letter from Birmingham Jail Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has long been the symbol of racial equality, much impart from the message in this letter. In this letter Dr. King illustrates the methods he became famous for using and the reasons for these methods. He also addressed the concerns about his timing and methods. Dr. King described the process he and his fellow advocates took in addressing the racial injustices as beginning with first defining the injustice and having indisputable evidence of its existence. The next step was confronting law makers and officials about the changes that needed to be made to eradicate the injustice. If officials took no action, they went to local entities asking for change, and if there was still no response they moved to nonviolent demonstrations; however, before they would protest, they would self reflect and prepare themselves for the abuse they would receive and not …show more content…

Dr. King detailed this process and emphasized its importance in what he was trying to accomplish. In his letter he also address some of the concerns pertaining to the timing and execution of his movement. He eloquently defended his timing stating that for those who stood in opposition to their movement there would never be a good time, because those who are not oppressed will never know what it is like to live in the shoes of the oppressed and will feel no urgency to press for change. He also stated that time would not solve this problem because time is neutral and favors only those who act to make change. In fact those who had oppressed used time to delay justice and nothing would happen in they continued to stand back and allow their oppressors to use time to their own advantage. Dr. King also addressed concerns about his method and some even called him an extremist. To this he replied that he was in fact an extremist, just as prominent figures in the past were extremist for their causes. He argued that it is not a bad thing to be an

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