Does Martin Luther King Jr Mean In Letters From Birmingham Jail

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In the text “Letters from Birmingham jail “by Martin Luther King Jr. and “The speech at the March of Washington “by Josephine Baker, both stated their opinions and thoughts without violence and letting their voices be heard on how important it is for everyone to have equality. These passages revealed that in order to achieve true freedom society must practice a non-violence manner to affirm the truth that everyone is equal no matter where you are from. To begin with, non-violence is a way to conquer true freedom. In 1954 the Civil Rights Movement has started and ended in 1968. The Civil Rights Movement what is a non-violent freedom movement to gain legal equality and enforcement of constitutional rights for African-Americans. Martin Luther King Jr. was it activist who was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. King Junior believes that his beliefs should be heard without any violence.” Well you know if they’re painful experience that freedom is not given by the oppressor; it may be demanded by the oppressed” (Page 322 lines 137-139) this demonstrates that King Jr. has been through experiences that make him believes that freedom isn't given to you, that it’s demanded by yourself. As you can see African-Americans are treated differently because of the color of their skin or where they come from. King Jr. continues to say that “Frankly, I have…show more content…
and Josephine Baker both strongly believe that using words is the most accurate way to solve a problem. Baker said “As I continue to do the things I did, and to say the things I said, they began to beat me. Not beat me with the club-but you know, I’ve seen that done too-but they beat me with their pens, with their writing.” (Lines 6-9). She is acknowledging the fact that people’s writings have changed her opinion on things without any violence is involved. You do not need violence to make a
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