Does Mccandless Into The Wild: Can Money Buy Happiness?

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Into The Wild is a story about of a young man who abandons his family to go live his life into the wild. He wants to live happy and happiness is what matters in his home we was going through some rough paths because of his parents wanting to get divorce and the constant fighting and arguing they were going through. McCandless was his name and he was an intelligent guy who graduated a University. All he was looking for was his happiness and he found it in the wild. Would you go to the extreme and run away from your own family in order for your happiness, no matter what you want to do would you go for it? In my opinion happiness does matter. I believe that doing what you most desire or love is what brings us happiness. Even though leaving his…show more content…
His parents expected great expectations from him. He was a smart guy, he graduated a University but that 's only because his parents wanted something great for his life. But what his parents wanted him to become wasn 't what he wanted to be. McCandless didn 't want to be successful nor have all the money in the world. McCandless states that money doesn 't buy happiness, I agree but disagree you can have all the money in the world and be happy about that but what about love, you can 't buy happiness nor love. All McCandless was looking for was happiness for himself because he wasn 't happy in his own home, that 's why he left his family and everything behind. He didn 't want to be the person his parents wanted him to be or the person society expected him to be. That 's why he left from the city and went into the wild, he wanted the beauty of nature. He wanted to explore the inner country to his own soul. Nature made him happy, especially after discovering the…show more content…
The life of Chris McCandless took many routes, to running away, to meeting new people,to graduating University, to living in the wild, to seeing his parents going through problems and lastly eating animals. He 's been through alot and still stayed humbled through everything with a positive attitude. When Chris McCandless discovered the "magic bus" his life changed forever with that bus. Going into the wild he didn 't know what he would discover or expect and luckily he found the magic bus. I believe that without that bus he wouldn 't survive as long as he did. He lived in the wild for as long as 2 years eventually he died, he was only 24 years old when he died. Even though McCandless died at a very young age he was happy for what he accomplished. Sadly McCandless died from starvation. He was found by hunter who was looking for shelter and came across the bus McCandless had been staying in and saw a lump on a sleeping bag, quickly the hunter informed the police upon the dead body which ended up being McCandless. Even though he died from starvation, I believe he was happy that his life ended the way it did. He loved nature and animals and everything about the wild. The magic bus was his happy place because that 's where he found his happiness and that 's where it stayed, he was free in peace and that
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