Does Mental Health Cause Or Explain Why Juveniles Commit Crime

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Does mental health cause or explain why a juvenile committed a crime? There is no way to determine if criminal involvement is directly linked with mental illnesses. Mental illnesses are different for every individual. Juveniles with mental illnesses are not at an increased risk for criminal involvement; it’s just associated with some juveniles. Demographics had no deciding factor if juveniles would be re-incarcerated for crimes in their adulthood life. Juveniles with a history of substance abuse or were originally arrested for substance abuse problems have a higher risk for being arrested again in their adult life because of substance abuse problems. What is substance abuse? Substance abuse is an addiction or dependence on drugs or alcohol.…show more content…
Substance abuse can cause liver, kidney, intestinal, esophagus, and lung damage. How can the youth receive assistance before they commit any criminal activity? In North Carolina there are numerous ways to receive help. There is a program called Patient Assistance which helps low income, uninsured patients, and receiving medications to help live with their mental health disorders. Another place to receive help with mental health is Carolina Partners in Mental Healthcare, in Raleigh, and Durham. In Sanford, there is a community mental health program. In Rockingham, North Carolina there is a place called Mental Health Association of North Carolina. Each of those places can help someone who suffers from mental illnesses before they would commit a

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