Personal Narrative: Money Doesn T Buy Happiness

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Majority of people have heard that it is better to give than receive. There has been multiple accounts of suicides made by multiple celebrities such as Robin Williams, and Kurt Cobain. All the money they could ever want, but still not satisfied. That leads people to believe that money cannot buy happiness, but if you put into perspective on the way you spend your money the whole concept can change. There is not one materialistic object that does not cost money in life. While I understand that money can be a source of evil, it can also be a source of good. The way to become “happy” with a profitable income, is to spend it on items that can help benefit their well being. Many people think that they can be happy without money, but everything…show more content…
There has been multiple people who committed suicide even though their financial situation wasn’t bad at all. Not only have people with a continuous amount of money committed suicide, but too much money can harm your religious perspective. can also take away the religious perspective you have on life. In the bible there is a quote that says “Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless”(Ecclesiastes 5:10). People are never satisfied with materialistic things, but turning to spirituality will give you the fulfillment you need. Some may argue that the only thing that can give you fulfillment is your relationship with God, and your relationships with friends and family. This gives you a strong support on which you will stand on so even without money you won't waver because the foundation you have built is strong enough to support…show more content…
According to Jenna Gallegos spending money on people that you love and care about can “fulfill our desire for human connections”. With this being said if you spend your money on things that make you feel good this will also benefit you on a moral susceptive. Giving money to charities and people that need it can help your spiritual life because you know in your heart that you did the right thing. People do not get where they get without God's blessings being born into you. He puts you in that position that way he can use you as a tool to help those of less fortune. If you could just spend money on something that you need or even want you can become happy, but being greedy with your money will eventually cause a source of non-completion ,or even
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