Does Music Impact The Brain's Cognitive Skills?

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Does Music Impact the Brain’s Cognitive Skills?

The violin virtuoso swiftly pulls the long, hazel-brown bow across the thick, vibrating strings of the magnificent instrument known as the violin. The full, sonorous sound of the violin echoes majestically through the vast concert hall, filling the ears of many listeners with beautiful music. Those who listen to the heart-warming sounds of music often have much healthier brains when it comes to intelligence or thinking skills. Studies have shown that music or even just listening to music can positively impact human brain function. Music activates and stimulates different parts of the brain that are not often used. Therefore, music can strengthen a person’s brain while significantly improving
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For example, it has been suggested that music can create an attitude in many young listeners. “Simply recalling the lines could initiate an unintentional attitude.” (M2PressWIRE) Additionally, it has also been believed that violence found in music lyrics can be duplicated by young students. The influence that inappropriate music lyrics has on children can negatively impact their minds. While these reasons are claimed by people who find music unhealthy, many people believe that music aggrandizes the human…show more content…
Studies have shown that music can affect the human brain in several different ways. For example, being a part of a musical group, listening to music, or simply playing an instrument can strengthen leadership skills, time management skills, and can also stimulate self-confidence in the musician. These are all things that are needed down the road of life. “Countless studies speak to music’s ability to build self confidence, leadership skills, time management skills, written and oral communication and self discipline.” (The Star.) Not only that, but different elements in music, such as memorizing pieces, keying into important details, practicing fluency, and simultaneously doing many things at once would significantly impact all other core subjects of learning. “Focusing on a topic, memorizing information, inhibition, cognitive flexibility, and paying attention to multiple ideas simultaneously are examples of it. It is at the heart of all learning.” (Mia Chung.) Also, different parts of the brain that are not often used are stimulated when playing or listening to music. This creates a happier and healthier brain. Furthermore, music is known for making people feel enlightened. Music does wonders for the human soul. Having an enriched soul results in a much sharper brain. Additionally, musicians tend to excel academically in foreign languages because of sharper, healthier brains as they
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