Does Odysseus Deserve Loyalty

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Ask yourself this question: are you loyal to the law? Do you think the law deserves loyalty from you? The character Odysseus in the novel The Odyssey , by Homer, is in a similar situation. That is, does Odysseus deserve loyalty from his crew? After fighting 10 years in the trojan war, Odysseus begins his lengthy journey home. Odysseus ends up getting caught in a few rough spots on the way home, lives are lost and ships are wrecked. When he gets home he comes to find out suitors are trying to overtake his palace. Over the journey home a series of events occur where Odysseus deserves loyalty from his crew. Odysseus deserves loyalty from his crew because odysseus comes up with good ideas, gives his men good advice to follow, and saves his men from life threatening situations. To start off, Odysseus deserves loyalty from his men because he comes up with good ideas. One of the good ideas Odysseus comes up with is when he decides to escape the cyclops cave by the herd of rams, Odysseus states, “Life at stake, monstrous death staring us in the face- till this plan struck my mind at best. That flock, those well-fed rams with their splendid thick fleece, handsome beasts…show more content…
Also, Odysseus deserves loyalty because he saves his men from Circe's palace. Odysseus states, “But I, I drew my sharp sword sheathed at my hip and I rushed her fast as if to run through her- She screamed, slid under my blade, hugged my knees” (10.357-359). This also shows how Odysseus deserves loyalty because he threatens to kill someone so he can get his crew back after they are turned into swine. Odysseus deserves loyalty from his crew because he saves them from life threatening situations like when they were in the cyclops cave and when the crew got turned into swine by
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