Does Pericles Continue To Be Killed In Plato's Apology?

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Pericles’s “Funeral Oration” describes the people of Athens’s during a time of war, after lives had been lost. His ideals of Athenian conduct and culture was one of the highest esteem; holding every citizen to the highest standard. Athens was to be the example for every other Grecian city. After losing the Peloponnesian War, the Athenians lost some of what Pericles would have considered the standard of thought from the people. After 30 years of damning oligarchy, the people of Athens wish to be as they once were before the war. Yet, Plato’s Apology shows another side of Athens; they are closed off to change and punish those whose ideologies differ from those guiding the people. To consider what Pericles might have felt about the changes in Athens in “The Apology,” how people and new ideas were put on trial, he would likely be ashamed the society he once held so high.…show more content…
Socrates defends his actions by asking for the victims of the crime. However, there is not anyone bringing these charges to the court. His followers have not grown up and accused him of giving them unsound advice or wisdom. Socrates then asks, why they would think he would deliberately harm those who choose to follow them, for harming the citizens around would hurt him. I think this evidence would have led Pericles to welcome Socrates’ teachings to the youth. He would have seen this as maintaining the greatness of Athens; where people come to find more wisdom and knowledge. Pericles would have seen his execution as an injustice to Athens, losing one of the people who are advancing the city’s education to the youth. Thereby, creating better citizens of
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